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Even in ancient times there were wedding rings as a custom for weddings, which stood for solidarity and eternal loyalty. The Romans and Egyptians were mostly marked with rings made of iron. You had to see that the woman was taken. The custom of wearing the rings on the 4th finger on the left has also prevailed into modern times. Some countries have made a distinction. Since these veins lead to the heart and therefore only this ring finger can symbolize happiness. Getting married is a matter close to the heart, but over the years the traditions in the home countries have changed. This is how you see the Germans with the rings on their right hand. The engagement rings come on the left. In the USA and Italy, on the other hand, the tradition from the Middle Ages has remained. The ring is still worn on the left today. It doesn’t matter which hand the ring is worn on, it stands as a symbol of love, loyalty and solidarity. In addition, they symbolize infinity, since they have no beginning and no end.


Traditions and offers

The tradition has prevailed to this day and wedding rings play an important role in almost all relationships. A long time before the wedding, you choose and discuss the tastes of the respective partner. So you should be aware that you have to spend the rest of your life not only with the ring, but also with the partner who puts it on your finger, on what is probably the most beautiful day of your life. So you should take your time looking and discuss it with your partner. Because the rings are mostly pair rings and should please both. When buying a wedding ring, the engagement ring is of course also important, should one be there. Because this has to match the wedding ring if you want to wear both on your hands. There has to be a harmony.


The color and material of the rings

What you need to know about the material. Gold is more suitable for a darker complexion and silver is a symbol for fair-skinned people. You should of course be clear about the color and of course about the material. There is not only gold and silver, but also rose gold, which is made from red gold and yellow gold. This has nothing to do with pink, but rather with a noble metal that men and women can wear. You should pay attention to the material because of possible allergies. Because you want to wear and tolerate your ring for a lifetime. If you want a silver touch, you can choose platinum, one of the highest quality metals next to gold. The history of these wedding rings is not very old, just a few decades. In 20 years‘ time, these will look exactly the same as on the first day of the marriage, because this is the purest precious metal. But palladium can also be recommended. These also belong to the platinum class and are almost identical in texture. Unlike this, the yellow gold is what mostly red-blondes prefer or a darker skin type. The price depends on the number of carats.

White gold also plays a major role in wedding rings. However, the blonde brides or pale skin types are more likely to choose these. Rose gold, on the other hand, is paler than rose gold and therefore looks less obvious.


Cheaper variants

But now there are also people who have to pay attention to the price and therefore choose stainless steel. These rings are no inferior to gold in quality and can still last for many years. With a very good workmanship, they are reminiscent of white gold or silver. Engraving and prillings can be incorporated. Like Titan, you are a newcomer. Because these rings are usually very light and yet robust. The metal comes from space technology and medicine and is made to last. Silver would be another inexpensive option, especially for young people. Here, too, you can choose a ring width or surface finish.



The surface is also important; everyone has to decide for themselves whether it is polished or matt. With matte rings, the surface appears fine-grained and makes getting married something special. Another surface is the ice mat, which was processed with a diamond file and decorated with „scratches“. However, the opinion of this surface is divided among many couples. This is why it is not often that people choose them. The hammered surface, which was engraved with an unusual pattern, is also something very special. You can see an artisanal character. You should be clear about all of these things in advance and when choosing a ring. Both partners have to like the rings, otherwise the selection is superfluous. Because it is not for nothing that the wedding ring is also called jewelry for eternity.


The wedding

As it was many centuries ago, the ring is still a symbol of solidarity today. Of course there are also couples who come up with a different tradition, such as a necklace or bracelet, instead of a ring, but for many the ring is a symbol of togetherness. In addition to an elaborately designed celebration, at which countless guests appear, you naturally have to stand in front of the altar and put the rings on each other. Many couples agree on the saying in the rings and the material, as well as the surface, before the ceremony. Others have long discussions until a partner gives in and the rings are bought. In addition to numerous manufacturers, there are also different designs.


Wedding ring and engagement ring – a couple for life when proposing marriage

In many cases, the wedding begins with an engagement ring at a romantic marriage proposal, either in a favorite country, on a trip or at a romantic candlelight dinner. All of this can of course be included in a special program. Therefore it is also important that the engagement ring and the wedding ring are a couple for life. The resemblance should be there. It is important that you can try on your ring on site. In addition, you should look at yourself in the mirror with it so that you know whether it suits you. You can also get extensive advice in numerous jewelry stores. Which material fits best, which surface is the one that is perfectly tailored for the type. All of this is important for the perfect selection.


Engraving in the wedding ring

For the engraving you have to pay extra, this will be engraved personally after the purchase. The words and the name of the partner you want, or just the first letter, is also a matter for the couple. Of course you can have everything decorated with symbols. Either a heart or an infinity sign. Another possibility would be a saying that is only halfway in each ring. However, one should adjust the text size and variety to the ring. Wider rings also hold more engraving marks than the thinner ones. It is important that everything that the couple wishes is engraved. Then you can also make wonderful memories.


Choosing wedding rings – how emotional that can be

It doesn’t matter whether the wedding is small or large. The rings always bring a tradition with them. It often takes some time from the marriage proposal to the wedding. You want to be seen with the engagement ring and a wedding ring is added later. Some also wear these rings on top of each other. However, many also take off their engagement ring when the wedding ring is on their finger. Because having rings on both sides or wearing them on top of each other is usually a nuisance. The family status is symbolized and therefore these are more important than other customs at the festival. You look at your hand every day and see that you are connected to your partner.