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Gold as an investment


Gold has always been viewed as an asset with real intrinsic value from the beginning of history. Even today, gold is considered a high quality metal and investing in this metal is seen as a protective measure against inflation. Many people prefer low-risk investments with higher returns, but is gold investing a good idea? Proponents of the gold standard point to the worrying devaluation phenomenon of paper currencies, which are not supported by anything concrete.

Investors from around the world believe that there is no better way to secure their money than buying gold. Investors invest in different ways when it comes to gold. Some prefer to buy jewelry that they can wear throughout their lives. That way, your money is safe with you and you put it into use. On the other hand, there are also some investors who want to buy gold in solid form, i.e. as gold coins or gold bars, as this allows them to demonstrate the pure form of gold.

More than just a gift


The problem of the right gift

It’s that time of year again. A friend’s birthday is just around the corner. But what do you give this time? Should a meal voucher be given again at the Italian restaurant around the corner, or would that be too unimaginative? In such a case, the recipient is no longer really happy after the umpteenth meal voucher. At some point he will wonder whether he even needs to open the gift, he already knows what is in it. The ingenuity and intellect of the giver is rightly seriously questioned. A friend might wonder if the boyfriend really still loves her with such unimaginative gifts. After all, he no longer tries to give something special.

Then there are the gift tips from the Internet. Certainly often nice and nice ideas that you would not have thought of when you first thought about it. Depending on the asking price and type of gift, the right one can be selected from a wealth of ideas. Since these pages are very popular, many of the surprise ideas are colloquially from yesterday and no longer up to date.


Store gold safely


Gold is one of the investments that have proven to be very safe in the past. For example, while an investment in an expensive watch can completely lose its value overnight, there is a high probability that this will not happen with gold. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that gold is a raw material that is not available indefinitely and is therefore only available for purchase in limited quantities. On the other hand, the purchase of gold has a traditional value, because the precious commodity was mined long before our time.


​Wedding rings as a sign of solidarity


Even in ancient times there were wedding rings as a custom for weddings, which stood for solidarity and eternal loyalty. The Romans and Egyptians were mostly marked with rings made of iron. You had to see that the woman was taken. The custom of wearing the rings on the 4th finger on the left has also prevailed into modern times. Some countries have made a distinction. Since these veins lead to the heart and therefore only this ring finger can symbolize happiness. Getting married is a matter close to the heart, but over the years the traditions in the home countries have changed. This is how you see the Germans with the rings on their right hand. The engagement rings come on the left. In the USA and Italy, on the other hand, the tradition from the Middle Ages has remained. The ring is still worn on the left today. It doesn’t matter which hand the ring is worn on, it stands as a symbol of love, loyalty and solidarity. In addition, they symbolize infinity, since they have no beginning and no end.