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The problem of the right gift

It’s that time of year again. A friend’s birthday is just around the corner. But what do you give this time? Should a meal voucher be given again at the Italian restaurant around the corner, or would that be too unimaginative? In such a case, the recipient is no longer really happy after the umpteenth meal voucher. At some point he will wonder whether he even needs to open the gift, he already knows what is in it. The ingenuity and intellect of the giver is rightly seriously questioned. A friend might wonder if the boyfriend really still loves her with such unimaginative gifts. After all, he no longer tries to give something special.

Then there are the gift tips from the Internet. Certainly often nice and nice ideas that you would not have thought of when you first thought about it. Depending on the asking price and type of gift, the right one can be selected from a wealth of ideas. Since these pages are very popular, many of the surprise ideas are colloquially from yesterday and no longer up to date.


But how about something unique and unforgettable?

If, on the other hand, you give something unique, the joy on both sides is limitless. The recipient is enthusiastic because he has not yet had something like this and does not know anyone who received it for his birthday, and the giver is beaming with joy because he realizes that his surprise was a success.


Now the question arises, does such a thing even exist and if so, what corresponds to these requirements?

The answer is “gold”!

Gold can be used here. Giving a gold bar is not one of the usual birthday gifts. However, it is evidence of close ties and deep appreciation. In order not to misunderstand the above-mentioned word “grasped”, it will be explained in more detail below, since the word originates from it “grasping” and this indicates a large amount, such as that of a bucket full of cherries.


The raw material in demand

Gold is one of the rarest substances on earth. If the entire amount of gold that has been mined so far is collected, this cube would have an edge length of 21.4 meters. In terms of weight, it would correspond to approx. 190,000 tons. If you look at these numbers, you might at first get the impression that it is a lot. However, if you look at the population explosion of recent years on our globe and where the smallest amounts of gold are processed everywhere, it is considered a privilege to own an admittedly small part in its purest form. If one also deals with the history of gold, one becomes smaller and more awesome to be in possession of a small part of it.


The successful surprise

The surprise effect for the birthday child is so great because nobody expects to receive gold for free. In everyday life, such as in advertisements or when shopping in supermarkets, you don’t come into contact with gold, so you don’t really have it on your screen.

As a rule, people who do not work as jewelers or bank clerks have little idea how much such a small 1g bar of gold is worth. Here you can be sure that the lucky one who got it will research gold and its value on the Internet at the next opportunity. If he experiences this, the enthusiasm for the gift will increase even further. He will also admire the ingenuity of the giver and look at him with different eyes in the future. It is certain to have a special place, preferably in a safe.


For whom is such a gift suitable?

Undoubtedly, such a precious gift to children who are unaware of the value of gold and a gold bullion should be reconsidered. Because they often cannot handle such things.

Apart from this small restriction, half a gram or 1 gram of gold bar can be given to anyone and for all occasions. For reasons of simplification, the above text has only assumed one birthday so far. No matter if confirmation, Christmas or other festive occasions, it always fits as a gift and gives every celebration that certain something. If the recipient unpacks a small piece of gold, the guests standing around look in disbelief and it becomes the main topic of conversation at both celebrations.

Especially at weddings, such a gold gift fits perfectly, no matter what size, because such gifts stay in your head forever and, in the best case, the wedding remains a unique experience.

Since it is not a consumable item and has stable value or becomes more valuable over time, the wedding couple will not consume the gold or will sell it again soon. In other words, with him you will have a souvenir of the most beautiful day of your life for a long time to come.

The only difficulty with this gift is that such a gift cannot be topped later. It leaves a lasting impression and is spot on for appropriate occasions.


Gold has always been in demand

Gold has been a sought-after material since the raw material was discovered around 5,000 BC. Only the most valuable things were adorned with gold. For example the crowns of kings from bygone times. In order to prove the value today, it can be pointed out that even countries such as Germany have gold reserves in the event of a loss of purchasing power and a currency crisis.

Gold has retained purchasing power over the centuries. It is logical that today gold can no longer be used to buy gold directly from the bakery. But if you calculate the value of the corresponding bar with the current gold price, it can be determined that the value has usually risen disproportionately in relation to inflation over the years. If you hold half a gram in your hand, wrapped in foil, you can hardly believe how much it is worth. Or to be more specific, how many rolls from the bakery correspond to the value of a bar of gold.

Sure, nobody can look into the future. But if you look at the past decades and centuries and their value development, you can assume that the value will continue to rise in the long term.

The concept of the gold bar is anchored by many as a really massive block of gold. Scenes from Hollywood films may play the decisive role here. However, a small piece of 1 gram gold is also called a bar. The price of a large solid gold bar would be astronomical and, for most, not affordable. That’s why it’s easier to use a smaller one.


Where to buy gold

On the one hand, such a gold gift can be bought via various online platforms. Above all, the largest providers can be advised for this, as they can provide a large number of customer ratings. Here you can find out what was good or what could be improved. Since this is a very valuable gift, smaller online gold sellers are not recommended. The quality of them is untested and difficult to prove online.

On the other hand, a small piece of gold can be purchased from the respective house bank. It is particularly advantageous here that the bar to be bought can be inspected before it is purchased. The expert advice of the bank staff helps many undecided to choose the right gold product. It would be annoying if it later had to be determined that the bar was too big for the financial means.

At each award ceremony, the winner will receive a gold medal. So give your loved ones a gift made of the purest gold.